Most of the time, the purpose of a reading is to heal after experiencing a loss or going through a time of grief, to find encouragement to make a change in your life and move forward, or to receive confirmation that what you’re doing is the right path for you...



Free yourself from destructive patterns in relationships, release fears and emotions, and become more positive overall. Energy healing works on an emotional, mental, and physical level...



Setting a personal goal creates the potential for you to achieve a victory in your life, and the ambition to reach that goal or work toward it builds a bridge between your mind and your heart. The voice of your heart guides you...

Full Moon Healing

Heal with the Cycles of the Moon

When the moon comes to its fullness, it invites you to reflect and process aspects of yourself and your life that you would like to let go of. When you surrender to these sides, you end a cycle of your being and release the energy. Be kind to yourself and be grateful as you reveal yourself in the light of the full moon...

Free Meditation

The Light Within You

by Petra Grandits

Title: Cosmic Dreaming

Music © Rebecca Reads Recordings 

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