Reunite with your loved ones in the spirit world and be in their presence, or receive guidance about your current life situation and direction to get on the right path.


Free yourself from destructive patterns in relationships, release fears and emotions, and become more positive overall. Energy healing works on an emotional, mental, and physical level.


Unfold yourself, heal, grow, and work on your personal and mediumistic development. There are no limitations on what is possible or what can be accomplished.


This is a monthly priority for people who prefer to receive healing in a group set-up, led by two mediums/healers for 30 minutes while in the comfort of their own home.

'You’re on your soul path when you do things that inspire you.'

- Petra 


Medium - Healer - Mentor

Petra’s passion for mediumship has led her to dedicate her life to the spirit world. While she has been a medium since birth, she finds fulfilment in providing proof of the presence of the spirits and in giving guidance to the seeking.

Today, she gives readings and healing to clients across the world


Petra was born in the countryside of Austria. In her 20s, she chose to reside in Western Canada, where she spent 15 years until she returned to Europe to live with her husband in Sweden.



"My beloved husband died very suddenly and unexpectendly. Petra got in contact with his spirit and told me a lot of what he wanted to share with me. Thanks to Petra, I can grieve and still be happy."

Harrieth, Sweden


"Petra came in to my life and gave me messages from my loved ones in the spirit world. I'm a Western Medicine Doctor, and have to admit that I was a bit surprised by what was happening at the beginning and even now."

Katharina, Austria


“Petra put me back together, piece by piece, and guided my respectfully and patiently back to my life purpose. She made me feel rebooted, energized and whole.”

Maria, Sweden