I live a quiet life in nature in Northern Sweden. In the beauty of my surroundings, I find the stillness I need to deepen the connection to my soul.

I’m a medium since birth. When I understood the ability I was born with, I took responsibility for my mediumship and, most of all, for the healing and development I needed to become a working medium.

It’s the greatest honour to be the voice of the spirits. I’m committed to reunite clients with their loved ones in the spirit world and to touch people’s soul when I give guidance. My calling in life is to help and support others.

Love and compassion create the right meeting place when I connect with clients from different countries on Zoom or FaceTime, and meet the local clients at home in Ryssbält, Norrbotten.

In my younger years, I envisioned myself old and looking back at my life. What do I want to remember when I’m old? Seeking opportunities, living my dreams, going on adventures, having the guts to experience life.

I’m a small-town girl from Austria, who left home at sixteen, climbed Mont Blanc at 24 years of age, moved to Canada with little money in my pocket for one year and stayed for fifteen years.

All of this was a calling. I learned to trust in life and, therefore, in myself. Asking for help and accepting help makes it natural to lend a hand. I have failed many lessons, and some I got right. I have worked on patterns and discovered some more. Above all, I found love for myself and healed my inner child.

My role model in life is my uncle Peter, who died before I was born at eighteen years of age. Peter left a legacy for generations in our family. To have fun and to enjoy life. He sure mastered to live life to the fullest.

Life isn’t easy, but worthwhile to live.

This is me

'You’re on your soul path when you do things that inspire you.'

 - Petra 

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For You

People seek guidance when they’re most vulnerable. In our time together, I focus on you, your soul, and the spirit world.


I’m so grateful for all the spirits you have brought through. Feeling their love has healed me and their advice has helped me. I know more about my deceased father now than when he was alive. You are a great healer and I love to hear your guide, George, speak through you when you sit in a trance. Thank you for your support over the years.

— Jan K.


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When I realized my ability as a medium, I knew it was my soul agreement to help others.