Meet Petra & Stig


Petra Grandits


Petra has been a medium since birth. Her own healing journey opened her up to a greater self-awareness and understanding of the patterns in relationships, family constellations, and energetic impacts. Her belief is that self-healing is the founding step to a fulfilled life.


The uniqueness in Petra’s mediumship is underlined by her strong connection to her spirit guides. Very often, her spirit guides communicate through her when she is in an altered state during readings, healing, and tutoring.


Petra shares her knowledge and experience as a medium and healer with her students and supports her clients in finding their own ways to healthier and happier lives.


Stig Kälvelid


Stig is a highly sensitive person who serves the spirit world and is dedicated to his students and clients. His development as a medium, healer, and tutor unfolded for him in his capacity as a photographer, while capturing the spirits of flowers. His connection with nature led him to the spirit world.


Stig is a committed medium and healer who continuously expands his mediumship through practice and education. He’s the author of two books in which he shares healing life stories, and he has sold over 3,000 copies of these. Stig’s passion for photography is greater than ever, and he is currently working on a new exhibition.

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© 2018 Petra Grandits     Photography provided by Stig Kälvelid

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