My name is Petra Grandits, and I’m a medium, healer, and tutor. This is my blog where I share my thoughts and philosophy.

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The Giver Game Change

February 2022  Petra Grandits

How are you? Don’t give me the polite standard answer, I’m well. Take a second to notice how you feel. Are you happy, sad, lonely, disappointed, thrilled, excited, exhausted, outstanding or empty?

Now, I ask you again. How are you? I trust you’ve become closer to yourself just by reading these lines.

Is your tank filled with energy? Do you give to others without recharging yourself first?

Nature rests this time of the year before it blossoms, grows, and provides. It stays with each season and doesn’t give twelve months of the year.

An unwell fruit tree doesn’t carry many blossoms in the spring and even fewer fruits. Nature is honest. It doesn’t give when it’s not the right time. Being unwell isn’t the right time. It makes sense, doesn’t it?

Nature heals itself first before it gives.

Pruning maintains balance and helps fruit quality. How do you keep your balance to ensure quality of life? Do you talk to a friend? Do you see someone to care for your body, soul, and spirit?

Carrying for yourself takes time. A lack of water in one year changes the volume of fruits a tree carries the following year. The tree doesn’t deplete itself. It grows fewer fruits. It has self-love and an understanding of its conditions.

A fruit tree doesn’t regrow blossoms after a hailstorm in the spring or summer. It doesn’t tell itself I’ve the energy to reproduce blossoms to give fruits in the fall. It is in the moment and accepts. We understand nature’s condition.

Even a healthy tree drops some fruits before they’re ripe. The conditions have to be right. Sun and water. It doesn’t sacrifice itself.

What shape are you in when you give? Are you a non-stop giver? Does giving deplete you? Is your environment right to give? Do you give to yourself?

Nature doesn’t offer without resting and growing. Growing is magnificent. Providing tastes sweet. Rest comes throughout the year, depending on the season and environment.


Finally the End

February 2022  Petra Grandits

The trees outside stand still after a three-day snowstorm. They don’t wait for a new beginning in the spring. They know it will come. Nature has trust.

Does knowing a new beginning will come defeat waiting?

You have accepted an end when you know a new beginning is coming. An end carries the aftermath of circumstances. A task I call letting go.

In the spring, the warmth of the sun will melt the snow. New leaves in juicy green will appear on the trees. The fallen leaves are dead on the ground from last fall. Nature will take care of them. They’ll disappear.

The trees won’t go back and hang on to the fallen leaves. They move on.

Why do humans stay attached to relationships after they ended? Why is moving on difficult?

Nothing in nature ever stays the same. Every so often, farmers change what they plant to make certain harvest in the fall. They don't keep the same seeds after a while. They go with the change. Working with the ground on multiple levels creates a positive result.

Change and letting go is the recipe for the soil to recover. Farmers accept and change the seeds every so often.

Hanging on to old times, being attached to long-lost opportunities or relationships won’t help you harvest in the fall.

Farmers plant seeds and look forward. Never back.

What direction do you look in life? Back or forward? What will you do to heal the soil under your feet? What seeds will you plant?


Find Your Soul

posted January 2022  Petra Grandits

written December 2021

How do you find your soul? Is it the powerful water underneath the ice? What is the soul? The soul is your individual nature. 

The other day, I stared at the frozen sea. A layer of ice, a bit of snow on top of it, no waves. You step on the ice and break in. Soon the ice will be thick and cross-country skiers enjoy skiing on the frozen sea. Underneath the ice is deep water. 

Mother nature is generous. She provides the sound of the waves, the smell of the salt water, the mirroring of the sun on the water, seafood, and she gives us the ice. Mother nature knows what she does. She shares the sea and ocean with us but doesn’t hand it over to us. 

Experts have revealed much about the sea and the ocean. We don’t know everything about it and already lost so considerably. 

Your soul is the deep water of the sea within you. Have you recognised the uniqueness of your soul? Do you show and share your uniqueness? 

Do you have a layer of ice covering your soul? Who or what has created the ice? Has someone hurt you? 

I have pain and I caused pain. Each single time I’ve experienced pain, the layer of ice became thicker. The thicker the ice, the least someone with good or unkind intentions could reach me. Neither could I get through the layer of ice to reach my soul.

Underneath the ice is the pressure of the pain. 

Have you ever watched a fisher man drilling a hole in the ice for ice fishing? Once the drill gets through the ice, water comes out of the hole. 

Imagine, you get through the layer of your ice. It will lead to stop pushing down the pain. To the surface comes the actual pain. You accept the pain and what caused the pain. The next step is to release the pain. We call this healing.

I believed I had nothing working for myself in the first twenty years of my life. No interests. No talents. No calling. I finished my education, which I chose because there was nothing else. I enjoyed myself going out and socialising. Fair enough. In my early twenties, even that disappeared. 

Is it true that I had nothing going for myself? Today, I understand the answer is NO. 

My nothing was a lot. I held my head above the cold water while the ice formed and restrained me. I pushed the pain to the bottom of the sea for years. The yelling craft teacher who was hitting and scratching my hands when I sought her help, the catholic priest who scared me talking about hell, dysfunctions at home, and so on. 

Does this resonate with you? Have you done it like me pushing down the pain? Pretending all is good on the outside. 

A healer entered my life when I saw and understood the layer of ice taking over my life. A psychology student gave me counselling five times a week for many months. I got the help I needed while she gained work experience. The psychology student listened to the calling of her soul on becoming a psychologist. Through the therapy, her soul touched mine. 

We worked through relationships, work, family, money, health, and so on. I remember the time when she said to me; you need to find a hobby. That’s when a coworker showed up with a brochure of the Austrian Alpine Club in Vienna with an indoor climbing wall in the city center. His calling was indoor climbing. His soul touched my soul. Off I went to the climbing gym. 

I joined a course with a great instructor. When he watched me falling off the same spot again and again, he told me you aren’t thinking. Without thinking, you can’t hold the focus. He was right. I had to think to keep my focus when I placed my toes on a small boulder to push myself up to go further. 

When you’re at the point where you tell yourself I’ve nothing going for me, become open to healing. The healers and teachers will find you. 

I got into outdoor climbing, hiking, and mountaineering. Passion, love, and excitement. I was one with what I did. I summited the first 4000 m peak in the French Alps the year after I started climbing. Another year went by and I stood on top of Mont Blanc. That day, I focused on taking one step after another, placing my feet right for 22 1/2 hours. Holding the focus for so many hours, I reached the stillness of the deep water inside of me. What I know today is my soul. 

I melted the ice of my nothingness through healing. Without understanding, I heard the calling of a passion inside of me, mountain sport. While doing what I loved, I found the stillness and discovered my soul. My soul, the endless space, the power, the place of infinite opportunities, my source, my place of love. The place that reveals who I am. 

Was I able to hold or stay in the place of my soul? No. 

After I got back home to Austria, I went into an emptiness. I went from nothing to feeling my soul to being empty. Nothing feels different to empty. To me, nothing has no direction. Emptiness comes through the drop of energy. 

I continued with healing and self-care in the mountains to regain energy. Then I was ready for another decision. I quit my job and moved to Canada.

My soul took me to the French Alps and to Canada. That was my journey. Your soul has your individuality. It may get you into a cooking class, writing a children’s book, singing in a church choir, meditating every day. Whatever it is, it’s your uniqueness. 

It’s twenty years since I was on the top of Mont Blanc. After two decades, I still heal myself. My healing approach has grown as my needs have shifted. I also discovered the healer within me and my mediumship. 

Every time I reach my soul, the deep water inside of me, the mystical space, I love Petra a bit more because I am myself and in my power.

I truly hope this helps you to understand the purpose of healing, and how it leads you to listening to your calling and discovering your soul. 


Some Die Young

posted January 2022  Petra Grandits

written September 2021

Have you ever thought of the lifetime of a tree? One tree, how many seasons does it experience? What happens after a person cuts a tree intentionally or nature takes its turn?

We have birch trees growing in our garden. Nobody has planted them. Nature has given birth to our trees. The white bark of the birch trees is distinctive and helps me to point them out amongst other trees. Based on their height, our trees are approximately ten - fifteen years old. 

The lifetime of an average birch tree is about eighty years. Comparable with a human lifetime. 

A lack of water, cold winters, or hot summers can damage the roots. Damaged roots will change the tree's health and lifetime. 

Our birch trees are healthy. One tree is close to my office window. Some leaves have turned yellow in the last week. Seeing this tree and watching the change of colours gives me a quality of life. It’s the biggest tree amongst all others and beautiful. 

The dying leaves embrace death by changing colours and dropping to the ground in the fall. The tree accepts the death of the leaves. It knows new ones will be born in the spring.

I have a feeling the tree is too close to our house and one day we may have to take it down to protect our home. This tree gives me joy, inspiration, and a reason to look out of the window. 

Does the tree outside of our house know how many more years its leaves will turn yellow? Does the tree know I appreciate its existence but may cut it one day? Does the tree know I will miss it? 

Are my thoughts of having to cut the tree the beginning of its winter or are my thoughts and worries the beginning of my winter? 

Nature accepts. Do humans accept death?

Generously, the tree will continue to drop its leaves fall after fall. The leaves will continue to become soil. If we cut the tree, we will burn the wood in the fireplace to warm up the house. The ashes we will spread around the bushes to nourish the soil. 

It will be up to me to find the beauty of this tree somewhere else. The birch tree will exist in the leaves that turned into soil and the blossoms that grow with the help of the ashes. 

In our garden, we have also some tree stumps. The sign that once the life of a fallen tree has existed. A mark in the landscape like a stone in a graveyard or a tear in someone’s heart. A tree the same as a human being leaves something behind after the physical life. 

Do the four seasons in a calendar year tell you how many years a person has lived? Yes, it’s math.


Does life itself tell you how long the spring time was and if it skipped the summer and fall to go into winter? In real life, we can’t control the seasons, only in the calendar we have the dates when a new season begins.

For one moment, imagine you are a tree. The wind carries your seed and you grow in a place very random amongst other trees. Some people walk by and say, look at this miracle - you - the tree. Others may walk by and say, oh geez. Somebody will have to deal with this wild growing tree - you - one day. 

How does it make you - the tree - feel when people think of you nicely versus poorly? Does it change the season of your heart? Does it take you from spring into winter in no time? What does it do to your physical body - the tree? Do your roots lose the connection to the ground you stand on? Do you want to replant your tree somewhere else with the hope people will treat you nice all the time? Or will you fall to the ground? You can also choose to stand your ground because you know who you are. 

Experiences can change our season. Perhaps your heart is in the fall and your body shows it. Or the summer sun tanned your skin, but your mind is eating you up. 

Do you have a choice about how you go through every season of your life? Do you see the beauty in the season you are in?

When I was fifteen years old, I became friends with a young guy not much older than me. Once we sat side by side and sang along a song with the lyrics (translated by me into English) 

We were friends

We were like brothers

Many years we sang the same songs

Only the best die young

You were the best

Now only memories

Tell me why

A few weeks later, my singing partner passed into the spirit world by choice. At his funeral, the song we sang together came out of the speakers. Only the best die young. His body was in the prime of spring, but his mind reached the darkest day of the year, when he lit himself on fire. This young man didn’t feel like he was the best when he ended his life. He became the song for his friends and family. 

The lyrics continue…

Wherever you are 

You know as I do

One day we see each other again

In my dreams and in our songs

When he sang to this song, did he believe we will see each other again? Where? In the spirit world, in my dreams, and in the memories we share. 

My uncle Peter, who is my father’s twin brother, has visited my dad in his dream. They were only 18 years of age when Peter’s physical death separated them. Uncle Peter showed my dad how beautiful it is where he is now. It was so nice dad wanted to stay with him in his dream. Peter said that dad had to go back to his life. Then my father awoke from his dream. 

Peter’s spirit exists and communicates. He shared with his twin, my dad, the beauty of the spirit world. 

My father’s loss took all of him into the winter. Dad says he is alone, especially on their birthday. My father has received a gift on their special day after Peter’s crossing. My brother. He was born the same day as dad and uncle Peter. What a miracle? But can my father see this miracle?

I trust one day he will see these wonders. The wonder of the dream, the miracle Peter is alive, and the blessing of three men sharing the same date of birth. 

I give my father the space to heal. When he is ready to heal, I am ready to applaud him wherever my dad and I will be and for however long it may take. 

Life is eternal. Life is magic. Nature accepts the seasons. We know the seasons in life can be hard lessons, make us grow, and we can choose to heal. 

Wherever you are right now in your life, I trust you give and do your very best in the season you are in. I base your best on you and not on me or somebody else. 

This is your life. Take each day as it comes or live it to the fullest. Whatever fullest looks like to you. 

We are spirit. We have a soul. We were born in the physical world and we will return to the spirit world at the time our soul has agreed on before our birth.  

*Song: Nur die Besten sterben jung, Artist Böhse Onkelz


Reflection in the Mirror

Posted January 2022  Petra Grandits

written September 2021

Do you like or dislike yourself when you look in the mirror?

Have you ever seen yourself in others? What you see in another person is within you.

Who am I? I figured instead of looking at myself; I’ll look at nature. A beautiful mirror. To make it easier, I thought I’ll take the view of each window in our house as my mirror. I don’t even have to move. I’ll stand in front of the window and write. I envisioned enjoying myself looking at the beauty of nature.

Then I run into a problem. From one window you can see a dead tree amongst healthy trees.

Instead of discovering death and how it relates to me, I changed my plan, and wrote from my head and not my soul. I didn’t like my writing. I needed a new mirror.

I love the dropped leaves of the oak tree in our garden. Right then I realized that a fallen leaf in the fall is a dead leaf. I’m back facing death.

I am back, facing myself in the mirror. What part of me isn’t alive, dead, or hasn’t been born yet. What do I ignore but is within me?

Does ignoring what is within you take your energy and joy in life?

The leaf knew in the spring it’s a leaf. When you look in the mirror, do you know who you are?

Why is it difficult to look behind the lines in our face and go deeper? When I skipped looking at myself in the mirror, was I afraid to reveal the unborn potential in this life?

We have a short growing season in northern Sweden. The leaf was born in the spring and grew as big as it could. It made it through the frosty nights in the spring, the lack of rain in the summer, until it changed colours and dropped in the fall. A life well lived.

My uncle Peter went into the spirit world when he was 18 years old. He left a legacy behind in our family. The legacy of having a good time. Living and loving life, being social. He wore his new and only suit on a rainy day, walking on a muddy road, going to the pub and having a good time. He didn’t wait for a sunny day. Peter wore his suit because he felt for it. The rain didn’t stop him. His mother nagged at him for ruining his suit. Nothing and nobody could stop him.

My fear and dislike of facing the dead tree outside of the window held me back, looking at myself for days. It took time and energy out of me. Did I waste my time? I needed the time to grow that I can’t run away from what was inside of me. This is a life lesson and repeated itself until I mastered it.

Does a situation repeat itself in your life? Look at the lesson.

A dead tree, the leaf and my uncle Peter accepted life. Rainy days, frosty nights, a nice suit, a nagging mom, and death.

How do you take the poor weather in your life, your mother, and death? Have these moments created lines in your face or scars?

The fallen leaves in the garden have perfect and powerful lines. Do you see the grace in your lines?

The leaf didn’t go into a panic at the end of the summer and accepted the change. Accepting gives you power and energy.

This leaf grew from a leaf bud to a fully developed leaf. From the beginning to the physical end, it knew and understood who it was and its purpose was to be the tree’s food factory.

Imagine you and I stand in front of a mirror. What do we have in common? Birth and death. It is our individual choice if we live a purposeful life. Do we listen to our inner voice or the voice in our own head and the surrounding people?

If you haven’t discovered your purpose, go into the silence until you hear the voice within and listen.

What if you have found your purpose? You know it, but you don’t do it. What is holding you back?

When a child feels for jumping on one leg, it goes for it immediately. The child jumps for itself and makes everybody else smile. It’s spontaneous and doesn’t judge if it is good at hopping on one leg or not.

Have you ever fallen by jumping on one leg? I have jumped on one leg and fallen when I was an adult. I injured the ligaments in my ankle and was on crutches for six weeks. I accepted the injury, went to physio and healed. The jumping was right. I missed focusing on the landing and rolled my ankle.

I have jumped on one leg again with my husband’s daughter after my injury. The memory of the pain didn’t hold me back because I accepted my missed landing in the past.

Do you accept your past?

Do you carry a backpack of old pain? Does the pain of the wounds hold you back or does wearing the backpack hold you back? Wearing a backpack on your shoulders doesn’t allow you to follow your purpose in life. You can decide to drop the heavy load.

How do you detach yourself from the backpack on your shoulders?

When a tree branch dies, the tree no longer gives its life force energy to the dead branch. It accepts the death of the branch and the reason for it.

Do you accept the painful end of a relationship? Do you accept how your parents treated you as a child? Do you accept what has happened in your life? Does your energy flow into the dead branch of your tree?

If you can choose between going for a walk with or without backpack, I’m positive you’ll prefer to go without one.

You can choose to walk through life without a backpack by accepting the journey in your past. You’ll be the hiker on a path with light shoulders, good walking pace, free to follow your purpose.



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When I realized my ability as a medium, I knew it was my soul agreement to help others.