4 Weeks Intensive Healing Program

April 25, 2019 by Petra Grandits

We are all shaped by patterns and beliefs that lead us into reoccurring life situations. Those who focus on increasing awareness and self-healing begin to form into their true selves, manifesting the life they truly desire.

The intensive healing program is designed for you to work on a deeper level.

◦ Focus on one pattern or belief that has come to the surface in your daily life

◦ Release your emotions and the energy that comes with them on a physical level

◦ Reprogram your mind by becoming aware of your thoughts; develop an outlook of

   positivity and gratitude.

◦ Unlock your spirituality; listen to your inner voice and find your soul path

I am so very excited to work with you and be part of your unfoldment to a happy and fulfilled life. To accomplish this, we’ll use the 4 x 1 formula, which means connecting actively and working together once a week for four consecutive weeks in person or via online video call.

I believe in your capacity to change and to begin to live your true life. I know that you can do this and that you are worth it!

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