It's Time to Change

February 4, 2019 by Petra Grandits


Today, I came across a Facebook post written in German. Allow me to translate the quote, which shall remain anonymous.


“Younger women may have the perfect figure. But older women have the perfect thoughts.”


Let’s look at the word “may” in the first sentence of the quote. Does this mean that only some younger women have a perfect body, and other younger women don’t? Or that no mature woman has a great physical appearance? This quote also says that all mature ladies have great thinking and no young woman can keep up with them.


When I came across this post, I felt like confronting it and starting a discussion. I had to take a few deep breaths and chose to write about it here and make it an invitation for women to change. It is time to change how we see ourselves and stop putting each other into groups of young and old, perfect and imperfect.


I will celebrate my 43rd birthday this summer. I am wearing my first pair of glasses as I write this blog. Lately, I have been going to the gym to keep physically fit and healthy. My face shows lines, and my hair is getting grey, so I colour it. My heart feels young, my body shows signs of getting a bit older, and I am in love with my maturity. I remind myself regularly that my goal is to age gracefully and to enjoy each moment of the changes I am experiencing as the years go by.


I absolutely love working with my female students in their 20s. I admire them for their courage and commitment to their development. We compliment each other and embrace being in each other’s presence. I adore how my mature female students are relaxed and at ease. When women of all ages and from different walks of life join our courses, I watch how quickly they bond, share laughter and sometimes tears, go to lunch together, and become friends. These women are free from judgement about appearance, age, work, interests, men, etc.


I truly believe ladies will have more female friends if they are open to each other’s uniqueness. Having more or better friendships means more love in a person’s life, more entertainment, more parties, and more to share.


How do you become free of judgement towards other women? It’s easy! Stop judging yourself. When you love yourself and are at peace with who you are, then you don’t need to point your finger at someone else. When you see your inner and outer beauty, you will learn to see other women’s beauty. When you understand that your legs or your bottom are perfect at any age and any size, you will see that another woman’s body is also perfect. When you are aware of your thoughts and inner wisdom, you will appreciate another person’s inner landscape. When you love to giggle loudly, then you will laugh with another lady who has a funny giggle. Love all of yourself at any age and with much or little life experience. Become a happy lady and all the ladies around you will become happier too.


Women shouldn’t be a threat to each other. Let’s be sisters and help each other be our best selves. If you hear a woman expressing dislike about one of her body parts or her hair, tell her she is perfect the way she is. Be generous with compliments. Uplift each other.


If you are a man reading this blog, speak up! Encourage the woman in your life to embrace herself and other women. Empower her and tell her to think and feel positive about herself.


Women, let’s come a bit closer and celebrate our gender by expressing love, kindness, and respect toward each other. We’re all worth it. Remember, “You are beautiful.”

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