Learning gives you freedom and takes you out of your everyday life.


It expands your mind and vision.

Make new friends in a group of like-minded people

and enjoy spreading your wings in new things that make you grow.

12-Month Mentorship


Setting a personal goal creates the potential for you to achieve a victory in your life, and the ambition to reach that goal or work toward it builds a bridge between your mind and your heart. The voice of your heart guides you, and your head says, “Five, four, three, two, one – go!” The moment you hear “go,” you...


Your Spirit Guide & You


Use your senses and create a bond between you and the spirit world. Become inspired by your abilities to connect with your spirit guides. Create an awareness of how you can attune your energy field for healing, readings, and inspiration...

Tarot Cards for the Intuitive


Ladies and gentlemen, get your cards out. It’s time to use them in a fun and authentic way that allows you to see your cards as tools, give valuable readings and answer questions precisely.


First things first. Each set of cards comes with a booklet. In this course, we put the booklet aside and get inspired...


The Shamanic Way


Your soul is the essence of God, and your spirit is love. To be truly yourself, you need to experience a balance on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. Being in balance affects your well-being and energy field. Boost your vibration and frequency through self-healing, become an ambassador of energy healing...

Development Circle


The aim of the development circle is to practice and work with your mediumistic

abilities so you can do this regularly. It takes commitment and dedication to unleash your gift. Discover what your mediumship is about by meeting like-minded people, building power, and creating energy...


Unfold Your Loving Heart


The stillness lies within you. Find yourself in a state of love and light in the powerful journey of self-discovery. This two-day opportunity is all about radiating love and gratefulness. The intention of this workshop is to focus on the positive within you and around you...



Spiritual Healing


In March 2018, Stig Kälvelid and Petra Grandits introduced spiritual healing to their circle members and previous students. The day was, as Petra described it, one of her best days at work. The students and tutors created a wonderful energy amongst themselves. The healing was practiced with so much love...


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