Energy Healing

Experiencing healing words, music, prayers, and the sounds of nature can create a shift in people who are in need of rediscovering balance in their lives. Practicing mindfulness is a wonderful self-care opportunity that can have great effects on people’s overall health.

Spiritual and trance healing, which are offered at the Self-Healing Centre and Academy, work on an emotional, spiritual, and physical level by releasing energy blocks. These energy blocks may have been created by fear, trauma, addictions, and many other situations that didn’t allow you to hold your equilibrium.

During spiritual or trance healing, you’ll release energy that no longer serves you, and your energy field will be recharged with white light. This process will bring you closer to your soul and soul path. You will become self-aware and discover the love within you.

Being happy and strong in your own energetic space allows you to be healthy and happy. With these two components you will have an easy time making the right decisions for yourself. The bond with yourself will strengthen and your inner knowingness of what’s right for you will expand.

At times, the medium and healer may share input from his or her spirit guide as it relates to your current situation.




Heal from the inside out




Rate per hour:

SEK 800








"You are the sky.

Everything else - it's just the weather."

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