The light comes in naturally after you take down your wall one stone at a time.


Healing brightens your life and uplifts your soul.


Your healing journey may take you back in time to heal your inner child.

Or, it may bring you back to the moment if you tend to run ahead in time and be filled with worries about the unknown future.


Healing will bring you back home inside your physical body, where you belong.

Receiving healing is a practice of self-love and self-care.

Intensive Healing Program 


You see that particular patterns in your life are reoccurring again and again. You have the feeling and inner knowing that you want to identify the root of this pattern and separate yourself from it. By unfolding the pattern and releasing yourself from it, you can let go...

Worldwide Healing


It was in 2016 that Petra Grandits was asked by her guides in the spirit world to provide distance healing. She was told that the healing would go global. Petra decided to collaborate with the medium and healer Stig Kälvelid. The word spread quickly, and the healing is now received in 16 countries on three continents. 

Energy Healing 


Experiencing healing words, music, prayers, and the sounds of nature can create a shift in people who are in need of rediscovering balance in their lives. Practicing mindfulness is a wonderful self-care opportunity that can have great effects on people’s overall health...

Three Days of Distance Healing

Monthly Program


Healing is a journey. You go to a deeper level to find the roots of your pain. When you’re at the roots and address the cause, you nurture yourself and release the blocks and the emotions. It will make it easier for you to move forward in your...



Healing from a Distance



Free yourself from destructive patterns in relationships, release fears and emotions, and become more positive overall. Energy healing works on an emotional, mental, and physical level.


No matter where you are in the world... 

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