Intensive Healing Program

You see that particular patterns in your life are reoccurring again and again. You have the feeling and inner knowing that you want to identify the root of this pattern and separate yourself from it. By unfolding the pattern and releasing yourself from it, you can let go of the energy and emotions you have been holding on to since the pattern first formed, and you can release the energy of the person who brought the pattern to you. Doing this kind of healing work is very rewarding on a personal level and it provides greater potential for an enriching life experience. This exceptional work helps improve relationships, work environments, and everyday life situations.

Beliefs around money, health, and family also fall into this category of self-healing. Letting go of old ways of thinking that were passed on to you and creating a new positive attitude for better quality of life and attracting abundance into your life is worth your focus and time.

In this program, I use the 4 x 1 formula: one appointment per week for four consecutive weeks to heal that part of you that needs immediate focus. During our time together, we will work on a physical, mental, and spiritual level. The physical body needs to unwind itself from the energy of your emotions, patterns and beliefs through guided healing. The mind needs to be reset and reprogrammed to embrace a new and positive way of thinking. Spiritually, I will help bring you on your soul path to live a fulfilled life.

Healing is a commitment to yourself, your wellbeing, and your growth. This moment is the only time you have; therefore, the right time to heal is now.




Rate for 4 Appointments:

SEK 2,700 (reg. rate SEK 3,200)



"Those who focus on increasing awareness and self-healing begin to form into their true selves, manifesting the life they truly desire."

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