Energy Healing 


Experiencing healing words, music, prayers, and the sounds of nature can create a shift in people who are in need of rediscovering balance in their lives. Practicing mindfulness is a wonderful self-care opportunity that can have great effects on people’s overall health...

Self-Healing Centre


Coming to the Centre is like coming home. You’ll be cared for by two mediums, Petra Grandits and Stig Kälvelid. Petra and Stig provide a place of love, of appreciation, and free of judgement. Both mediums will give you the tools to move forward on your healing journey.



Experience your connection to your body’s inner voice—your intuition. Receive messages from loved ones in the spirit world. Be guided through the moments in your life where you’re waiting for a window to open after a door has closed behind you. Heal from your past and live in the moment.



Live a joyful life with a strong energy field, and love inside of you and all around you!

Reading & Guidance


Receiving a reading is so much more than hearing about love, health, and money. In a one-on-one appointment we’ll talk about your patterns in life. You may have attracted certain people and personalities into your life over the years and would like to understand why this happened and how you can break the cycle...

Private Online Reading


Most of the time, the purpose of a reading

is to heal after experiencing a loss or going through a time of grief, to find encouragement to make a change in your life and move forward, or to receive confirmation that what you’re doing is the right path for you...




Healing from a Distance



Free yourself from destructive patterns in relationships, release fears and emotions, and become more positive overall. Energy healing works on an emotional, mental, and physical level.


No matter where you are in the world...




In Sweden, we call this a séance. In North America, it’s a group reading, and in England it’s called a platform.


At this gathering you’ll witness your own and other people’s healing experiences when receiving messages from loved ones in the spirit world. Together we embrace the magic of connecting to the spirits...

Meditation Group


You know that you have a busy life and that time has become precious. To breathe deeply is in the back of your mind, but this hasn’t been part of your routine lately. Reward yourself to a meditation at the beginning of the week, for four consecutive weeks in February.



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